Custom Academic Program & Curriculum Design
IST’s team works closely with our clients to tailor programs of study that best address their needs. We start with a design team that listens first before we begin to create. Through a series of questions we learn about your perspectives and goals. Additionally, we can identify supplemental resources appropriate to your student population, time frame and objectives.

We can help you design an entirely new program or enhance your current curriculum. We offer a student-centered, active learning approach to all academic subject material in the context of realistic problems and applications that grab your students’ attention and keep them engaged.

Our customized materials are produced at the level you desire based on your overall objectives, however, our professional overlay guarantees that participants will have little difficulty understanding or completing the work. Group activities, interwoven throughout the curriculum, gently force engagement and encourage participants to identify their own personal academic challenges and issues along the way.

We develop Instructor Guides on how to adapt the curriculum to your participants; action and lesson plans to implement and reinforce course objectives; and, create assessment tools to measure incremental progress.

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