“I just wanted to thank you and your tutors for the time and interest that you gave to my son in preparing for the November SAT exam. The effort paid off!!! He raised his scores by over 200 points. Thank you so much. Needless to say, I will recommend your services to everyone I know.”
- Parent
Dematha Catholic High School
“Although I initially signed up for SAT Prep, I soon realized that there were many additional benefits gained. The skills and techniques learned by my daughter via the instructors enhanced her performance in her regular schoolwork. She completed the program with better study habits, test-taking, and organizational skills for attacking new information.”
- Parent
Elizabeth Seton High School
“IST helped my daughter leap to her next level of understanding in mathematical mechanics, literary comprehension and writing skills. IST's approach helped her leverage what she’d learned, improve her learning and analytical skills, and increase her confidence. Ultimately, my daughter was accepted to 6 very good programs and is far better prepared than ever expected.”
- Parent
Bishop McNamara High School
“IST’s approach is novel and many find it a cut above the standard fare. What you notice immediately here is a dedication to the student. The resulting empowerment felt by the student coupled with their expert guidance makes this service an investment that parents need to look into seriously.”
- Parent
Robert Goddard Montessori School
“I wanted to take a moment to thank IST for your expertise and guidance in helping to prepare my daughter in making her transition to college. Thanks to her grades, SAT scores and resume, she was accepted to all 5 of the colleges/universities to which she applied and received scholarships to most.”
- Parent
University of Maryland College Park
"Initially, we thought we were coming to IST simply for tutoring. But, we soon became familiar with the innovative ways to study, test-taking strategies and methods of fostering critical thinking. Our children significantly improved their grades in Chemistry and Math. IST helped them raise their level of confidence and gave them lifetime learning skills that will help them compete and succeed at any academic level."
The Key School
"IST has been a blessing to our family. IST's warm and caring staff and knowledgeable tutors have been a positive influence on my son. With previous tutors, he used to complain, but now, he looks forward to going to IST to enhance his skills. His grades have improved significantly, along with his attitude toward learning. I highly recommend IST to any parent who wants to give their child the academic edge necessary to be accepted into, and stay competitive in, our area's best schools."
St. Pius X Regional School
"My son was accepted into all of the schools that he applied to, which included: Georgetown Prep, St. Albans, Good Counsel and Gonzaga! I just want to thank you and your staff for assisting him with getting into all of the schools. I believe that his test scores were the main reason he was accepted. Thank you so much!"
St. Albans School
"I just want to thank you again for all of your help and support through the high school admission process. IST did a phenomenal job. My son said that he really felt prepared and confident while taking the test, and his results show that. Once we decide where he is going, we will definitely let you know. It's wonderful having so many great choices (St. Albans, Sidwell Friends, Dematha, Gonzaga)."
Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School
"I wanted to reach out just to say.......THANK YOU! My son's acceptance into private school would not have been possible without the foundation given by your skilled tutors. In addition, the guidance from your staff and their unwavering support have been vital and appreciated. You guys are the BEST!"
Sandy Springs Friends School
"I wanted to say Thank You! My daughter took Chemistry at IST this summer and she passed with a B+. Her first quarter math grade was a B+ too, the highest since she entered high school! I think the extra time she put in this summer really helped her out. Thank you for your patience, understanding and flexibility. Can't wait to get started again for SAT Prep!"
-Parent, Archbishop Spalding High School
"The mail just came in with acceptances to all three of the schools that our son applied to! When I spoke to the principal of his current school, she said how impressive his test scores were and how much better he did than most of the other 8th graders in his class. He will be attending St. John's College High School this fall. Thank you again for all of your help!"
-Parent, St. John's College High School
"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to IST for all of the encouragement and support you have given my daughter over the last few years. She has had trouble in math since middle school, but since becoming a student at IST, her math grade has improved tremendously. I'm happy to share that for the second quarter that she went from an 'E' to a 'B' in Algebra I. Kristine did an excellent job tutoring her to help her in understanding the concepts."
-Parent, Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School
"Just wanted to let you know, thanks to your help, my daughter got accepted to all 4 schools - Bullis, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Bishop McNamara and St. John's-including acceptance in their respective honors programs. She is very happy with her choice (Our Lady of Good Counsel) and looking forward to a new start. I want to personally thank you for all your help, guidance and mentoring. You have a great program and I am glad we worked together. Take care and keep up the great work you do with the children. You offer more than most. I really appreciate your supportive and caring style for the kids. If you ever a reference, let me know! I have you in my contact list for college prep!"
-Parent, Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School
"Thanks for the time and care you provided this summer. Our daughter, who has said on more than one occasion, 'I hate math,' on the last day of camp said, 'I am going to miss IST.' I don’t know what IST’s 'secret sauce' is, but I know it includes genuine care and interest in having each child reach their full potential."
-Summer Series Parent
"Thank you for everything! Our son had a phenomenal time!!!! We've never seen him so excited about learning!"
-Summer Series Parent
"Wow...thank you so much for all you have done. The boys really enjoyed BrainGain and want to return next summer."
-Summer Series Parent
"We highly recommend IST! We wanted to prepare our daughter for the HSPT and though she is a high performing student we wanted to identify and strengthen any weak areas. We took her to IST where an extensive pretest exam was given, her results were thoroughly explained, and recommendations were provided. We enrolled our daughter in several weeks of one-on-one tutoring and were extremely pleased with the quality and thoroughness of the tutor. The staff is very supportive and encouraging. Our daughter excelled on the HSPT exam and was awarded an Academic Scholarship to her High School of choice! We will certainly be back to IST when preparing for the SAT!!!"
-Parent, Elizabeth Seton High School
"Our family is so grateful that IST exists. My husband and I have two sons who utilized their services and the tutors are above the rest and the results of their HSPT made it clear to us that their scores were reflective of the test-taking skills they learned. Our youngest (who will graduate from 8th grade in June) had test results that put him at a 10th grade level in English. He was accepted to both of his High School choices, St John's College High School and Dematha. He will attend St. John's in the fall. Thank you, IST!"
-Parent, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
"I can't say enough about the tutors and staff at IST. My son received one-on-one tutoring for the HSPT, ISEE and SSAT. His results were amazing !!!! He was accepted to all of the schools to which he applied...Sidwell Friends, Georgetown Day, Gonzaga and Bishop McNamara. His tutors made sure that he was prepared and knew exactly what to expect. Their passion and commitment to his success was contagious. I even noticed a real boost in his self-confidence. They even took the time to provide feedback and referrals that were instrumental in helping us choose the best high school for him. IST is a much needed resource in our community. I highly recommend IST to everyone...every chance I get."
-Parent, Howard University Middle School
"I want to report that my son passed the Eleanor Roosevelt High School entrance exam with flying colors and is soooo happy. Thank you! He is busy and doing well in all academic areas (which I attribute to new academic confidence). I plan to stay with IST through the high school years. You guys rock!"
-Parent, Eleanor Roosevelt High School
"Thank you so much for your help. It has has helped him leaps and bounds and it is very noticeable. You all will always have the very best recommendations from us."
-Parent, Woodstream Christian Academy
"Well, words cannot express how blessed we were by our time with Innovative Study Techniques. My son said to me, 'Mom, thanks for sending me to Innovative and Ms. Kayla.' He thought the test went well. Overall, the work with Innovative was indeed our blessing. Thank you so much."
-Parent, HSPT student
It is with great pleasure that we wanted to let you know that K – will be graduating in 2 weeks from the Prep-for-Prep program (P4P – Contingency XXXVIII). She has been offered a full-scholarship at an independent school on the Upper West Side in New York City. My wife and I wanted to share this with you as you planted the initial seeds that have carried K into this process. We are just excited where K is and how much she has progressed from the time that you took her under your wings – 2 summers ago (June/July 2014). We want to invite you to come up to the graduation to share this moment with you and be grateful for the seeds that you planted in K!
Parents of Summer BrainGain Booster student
Thank you Riche for all all you do to help S... and C...You have contributed so much to their success and may the Lord continue to bless you for that. Best Regards
I just want to let you know that James has been accepted to all the schools he applied and will be attending Dematha in the fall. Thanks for everything.
Hi Riche--I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know that S was accepted to Bullis, Sandy Spring Friends, and Holy Trinity. She is so excited. Thanks for your support, guidance and encouragement. I will keep you posted on our decision.
Parent, Woodstream
Good morning Ms. Riche-- just wanted to share our daughter's HSPT result. She has also been invited to take a scholarship exam at Seaton and McNamara. We have our fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone at IST.
Parent of HSPT Prep Student
Thank you IST for your unbeatable energy and excellent virtual classes during this challenging year. KL never missed a beat and got into his top 5 colleges. Mr. Sylvester is the man!! Not only was he there for our academic needs but he gave the psychological support our son desperately needed during the pandemic out of school period. Thank you and FAME over and over and over....
Mrs. S
We made it through. Virtual classes can be awful but you guys made it work. Awesome backdrops and engaging instruction made the difference. We'd like to stay "virtual" for our daughter when we bring her to you next year! And by the way, she took her math placement test and will go straight to AP Calculus in the fall. We are delighted and extremely proud.
Jonathan M.
“Taking IST’s SAT prep course increased my level of confidence toward standardized testing. It made a difference in my SAT score and my overall approach to the exam. I had a lot of confidence after taking the courses at IST. Not only did my SAT scores increase by 230 points, but my grades in school were higher. Thank you, IST!”
- Student
Riverdale Baptist School
“One of the best things about IST’s afterschool program at my school was that I learned new things and had fun at the same time. They helped me prepare for the Science & Tech test by giving me advanced work and lots of practice. I will be attending Eleanor Roosevelt this fall. Thank you!”
- Student
Buck Lodge Middle School
"After going to IST [for SAT prep], answering questions was much easier for me. I knew which strategies to apply and I was able to approach them with ease.”
- Student
University of Virginia
"IST has taken standardized test prep to a whole different level. Their level of organization, patience, 'Learning Legends,' and creativity are limitless when teaching the skills needed to excel on the SAT. With their help, I was able to gain 150 points overall, and confidence in test-taking in general."
- Student
Charles Herbert Flowers High School
"IST was great! They really helped me get prepared for the SAT through hard work. All of the instructors were dedicated to their job and instilled a lot of confidence in me. Thanks IST for helping me conquer the SAT!"
University of Maryland Baltimore County
"This summer was so much fun; I loved it! I love how the tutors help you with everything and they make learning fun."
-Summer Series Student
"My tutors at IST were dynamic and understanding. My math tutor was light and easy-going; however, he made sure I understood the concepts very well. He gave me much confidence and support in my high school entrance journey. My reading tutor was helpful and understanding. She taught me a lot of tips that truly helped out during the test. Not only the tutors, but also the administrators helped along the journey. They truly gave me confidence and helped me succeed. Thanks to IST, I will be going to the Eleanor Roosevelt Science and Tech. Program."
-Student, Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School
“I would like to thank IST for such a wonderful experience of the 'Brain Games' Academic Carnival. I will be sure to remind the grade 8 administrator for next year that this is an activity that warrants all participants to feel good about learning and have fun at the same time."
Prince George’s County Public Schools
“Thank you for your visit to the University of Maryland for the Educational Talent Search Program. According to the results of the student survey, 100% of the participants agreed that the session was relevant to their needs and provided information that they could use in the future. Ninety percent agreed that the instructors’ presentation style held their attention. We look forward to having you again next year!”
- Program Manager
Educational Talent Search Program
University of Maryland - College Park
“Many thanks for all of the hard work you put into the SAT workshop. As you know, a major concern for me was how to keep 100+ football campers motivated and interested. Let me commend you—I was thrilled with the outcome! I look forward to partnering with IST next year.”
Skywalker Flight School
“We loved the professionalism of the IST team and how they relate so genuinely with the students. Our students deserve only the best…IST offers nothing short of that.”
-Education Ministry Chair
First Baptist Church of Glenarden
"Joe’s is extremely satisfied with IST’s services. IST's teaching methods are active and engaging, utilizing a creative program design and tailoring the curriculum to fit the needs of students as identified by the assessments. Their administration is responsive and flexible, taking great care to provide their best product."
-TTP Program Director,
Joe's Movement Emporium
"Thanks again for putting on such a wonderful 'From My Street to Wall Street' workshop. The kids had a great time and the investors were impressed! As always, it was a pleasure working with you."
Jack and Jill, Prince George's County Chapter
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