Why we love what we do…
Our History

IST was founded in 2003 by Riche Holmes Grant, Esq., an Ivy League-educated attorney who has dedicated her professional career to building academic environments that motivate and challenge students to resist the status quo. Under Riche’s direction, IST has grown to become a multi-dimensional educational services authority sought after by parents and organizations for its novel approach to learning and progressive vision for education.  IST is headquartered in Largo, MD, inside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
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At its inception, IST was created to prepare students for the SAT. Our goal was to offer an interactive, results-based course and original curriculum designed to help students master the SAT by getting them excited about the material. Though some would consider such a task to be an impossible feat, to us, it became the reason we loved coming to work. The result was a well-balanced mix of content and test-taking strategies that had a broad appeal to different learning styles and enough time built in to address questions without leaving any student feeling lost.

Before long, parents began asking for more than just SAT prep, and we gladly obliged. In 2004, IST expanded its offerings to include private tutoring in all academic subjects, test prep for additional exams, summer enrichment and comprehensive college planning.

In 2005, IST became an approved provider of Supplemental Educational Services (SES) in Maryland through the federal No Child Left Behind Act.  As an SES Provider, IST launched the “Brilliant BrainGain” inquiry-based, cooperative learning model  for tutoring designed to challenge students at “failing” schools to excel beyond the borders of the traditional classroom limitations.

In 2008, IST expanded its services to include custom academic program and curriculum design for other organizations and educational entities. Additionally, IST began offering training, professional development and test prep to adults.

In 2009, IST established affiliate offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles and London to extend its national and global reaches.

In 2011, IST founded its non-profit subsidiary, Generation Ed (GenEd) to equip parents of students in grades K-12 with the tools needed to become fully interactive participants in the education of their children.

Throughout the years, IST has partnered with non-profit organizations, schools, businesses and governmental entities to bring IST courses and programs to their respective facilities. We are also very much involved in our communities and devote significant pro bono resources each year to provide services to traditionally under-served populations.

In 2018, IST began providing services exclusively to organizational clients to more efficiently meet the growing demand for its services.

Our Philosophy

We are driven by the success of our students.

Our mission is to foster a culture of success in which we equip each student with the skills and confidence necessary to maintain independent mastery. Central to IST’s approach is the idea that every student holds an inherent brilliance that gains power in an environment that recognizes and supports diverse learning styles and multiple means of raising student achievement. We employ research-based pedagogical methods that cater to the individual needs of each student, whether in one-on-one or small group settings. Beginning with high levels of expectation and student accountability, we meet students where they are academically and then provide them with the tools and support to help take them as far as they want to go. While we recognize that the steps may be smaller for some students, we ensure all students know that the road to academic success is open to them, despite the challenges they may face.

We believe…

   •    that knowing how students learn is equally as important as what they learn.
   •    that learning can and should be fun.
   •    that the ultimate goal is always the student’s independent mastery of the subject matter taught.

At the core of all of our programming and original curricula are the IST Learning Legends™: Fast Eddie™, Sammy and Samantha Smart™ (“The Smarts”), Lucky Lucy™ and Bea Reddie™. Each has a unique learning style personality designed to guide students through their own academic and test-taking journeys, offer helpful tips and reveal creative ways to break down complex information and retain key facts.

Meet The IST Learning Legends

Our Team

Our instructional team consists of a dynamic group of college graduates who are inherently brilliant and instinctively cool—a rare combination that inspires our students to excel. Coming from such diverse fields as education, law, engineering, computer science and medicine, every member of our team possesses a genuine love of learning and a desire to bring a fresh perspective to the process of learning.

Tutors are carefully screened through a rigorous interview process. We require a minimum of a college degree, mastery of subject matter, demonstrated ability to engage students at all learning levels and a state and federal criminal background check. Following hire, tutors receive extensive training on IST’s instructional methods and subject and /or test-specific curricula. Additional training from Master Tutors continues on a weekly basis thereafter as tutors interact with students.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us.

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