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Instructional Staff

IST conducts professional development workshops customized to meet the training needs of public, charter or private school instructors. For non-profit entities, our tutor certification program provides 12 hours of live training, an IST tutor handbook and ongoing assistance as requested by the client.

Ranging from creative strategies to promote student engagement and differentiated instructional methods for increasing student achievement at all levels, IST will design a responsive structure to meet a set of core objectives defined by the participating school or organization’s leadership team.
School Administrators
IST provides training, professional development and executive coaching for private and public educational administrators designed to help school leadership teams create a culture of sound business and fiscal operations.

The training courses reinforce and expand knowledge of business terminology, financial systems, cash flow analysis, costing, and pricing; and, offer useful and practical guidance for supplemental resource acquisition, including grant writing and grant management.

During the initial interview, we will provide an assessment of the best training methods and the length/depth of training needed to accomplish your major objectives, and work with you to create an affordable, high quality, distinctly innovative approach that can be successfully implemented back at the office.
Professional Certifications
IST has an experienced team of instructors to help you prepare for professional licensing exams. We offer prep classes for licensing and certification, including teaching, real estate brokerage, civil service and most medical-related sciences. Course design includes 1-2 days per week of classroom training, web-conferencing, phone consultations or email support. We implement benchmark and monitoring tools to help pinpoint target areas of focus for clients who need extra support.

Combining the structure of your specific professional licensing requirements with the flexibility of scheduling courses Monday through Saturday, you can study one-on-one or partner up with 3-4 other students with a dedicated tutor and a curriculum program that's built around your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!
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