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We do not believe in simply teaching to a test.   Instead, our research-based approach applies a proven mix of both content mastery and test-taking strategies that yields optimal results for our students. Courses are taught by expert instructors who bring more than just high scores to their positions. Instruction is student-centered and interactive; we engage students by making relevant connections to what they already know, both inside and outside of the classroom. Class sizes are limited to allow maximum participation and individual feedback throughout each course.  All of our offerings are held in our own secure learning center (that's right, no public libraries or other public places here!).

At the core of IST’s test prep curricula are the IST Learning Legends™, characters with unique learning personalities designed to help students better navigate through the exam. Fast Eddie™, Sammy and Samantha Smart™ (“The Smarts”), Lucky Lucy™ and Bea Reddie™ strategically appear throughout each program of study, offering students helpful tips and revealing creative methods to break down complex information and retain key facts.

College Entrance Exams

SAT Prep Private Tutoring

IST’s no-nonsense approach to SAT prep combines the content and strategies necessary for significant score increases. Tuition includes one-on-one instruction, all course materials and two to three diagnostic assessments.  We recommend that students begin taking SAT in the spring of their junior year.

Please allow for up to 10 weeks of tutoring (twice a week) prior to the exam.

SAT Prep Course (Summer only)

Intensive 4-week SAT Prep course designed by our master instructors to help students reach specific score goals in a shorter period of time.  IST’s no-nonsense approach to SAT prep combines an optimal mix of the content and strategies necessary for significant score increases. Includes 24 hours of intense and interactive instruction, two to three diagnostic assessments and all course materials and optional fall refreshers.

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SAT Subject Test Prep

Many competitive colleges and universities require up to three SAT Subject Tests (in addition to the SAT) to assess a student’s skills in specific areas like math, history, physical sciences, literature and foreign languages. Private tutoring is available with IST’s subject matter experts, who help students master the  exam content and learn key test-taking strategies. We recommend that students take the SAT Subject Tests as soon as possible after they complete the course related to each test (normally at the end of junior year or the beginning of senior year).

PSAT Prep (Summer & Fall only)

The PSAT is designed to give students preview of the SAT content as early as 8th grade; it is also used to determine a student’s eligibility for merit-based scholarships (11th grade only). The PSAT is offered once a year in mid-October.

Our intensive three-week PSAT prep course is offered to rising 9th-11th graders in the summer and early fall only. Tuition includes 15 hours of interactive instruction, all course materials and two diagnostic assessments.  Each course has a maximum of eight (8) students.

*Private tutoring is also available.

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ACT Prep

We recommend that students take the ACT in the spring of their junior year. Due to the nature of the test, we offer ACT prep as a private tutoring option only.

Get great ACT Test Day Tips from the IST Learning Legends here.


High-Stakes Testing

Private/Independent and Catholic School Entrance Exam Prep

We help our students get the skills to get them in!  Private tutoring is available for the SSAT, ISEE, HSPT/Catholic School and the PSAT 8/9 for Science & Technology Centers ( Prince George's County, MD) exams each summer and/or fall. Students often prepare for multiple tests simultaneously, depending on their list of schools. Please allow for a 10-12 week period of tutoring (2 times per week) prior to the exams. 

Click here to see a list of schools where our private school entrance exam prep students have been admitted in DC/MD/VA.

AP Exam Prep

In most high schools, students can take college-level courses in a rigorous learning environment through Advanced Placement (AP) courses in a variety of subjects.  Each May, AP exams are administered to test students' knowledge of the material and allow them to earn early college credits.   Private tutoring is available with IST’s subject matter experts, who help students master the content and learn key test-taking strategies.  Please allow for an 8-week period of tutoring prior to each exam.

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